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Leveraging the Social Web to Showcase Your Brand

Three Key Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Social Media Presence There’s no time like the present when it comes to leveraging the social web. Social media marketing is an ideal method for expanding your company’s customer reach and boosting your brand awareness. While the social media marketing landscape is endlessly evolving, there are…

Google+ – The Next Wave in Social Networking

A Guide to Google+, Today’s Hottest New Social Network The official slogan for Google+ is “real-life sharing—rethought for the web”. Google+, is a social network operated by Google Inc, with integration across a number of Google products, including Google Buzz and Google Profiles. Started in June 2011 as a test version, its popularity has grown…

Catch the So-Lo-Mo Wave!

Social Media, Local Search & Mobile Search Collide in the So-Lo-Mo Revolution The convergence of latest internet and wireless technologies has created a powerful new opportunity for mobile marketing – social networking and local search through mobile devices (smart-phones and tablets). These location-based mobile social networking services are revolutionizing mobile marketing by allowing users to:…

Monetizing Facebook for your Business

Every business can leverage Facebook marketing! Facebook is currently THE most popular social media network online. Market-savvy brands are tapping into their Facebook audience to get instant feedback, find ideas on new product design and seek insights on how to market better. It is a great tool to build brand awareness within your target market….

Optimizing eCommerce Sites for Search Engines

Online sales need online visibility! If your business relies on an eCommerce site, then you know it’s important to appear in the organic search results ahead of your competitors; especially if your competitors are selling the same products online. Having top rankings for an eCommerce website is crucial for long term success in the online…

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