Content Marketing Focus Increasing

Content Marketing Focus Increasing  Year 2012 saw an increased focus on content marketing. There was a marked rise in the number of small and medium businesses adopting integrated content marketing strategies to engage with customers and prospects. We also saw increased adoption of trends such as responsive Web design, geo-tagging, targeted content distribution, propensity for…

Understanding the Digital Landscape

Inside Edge – January 2013 An Evolution Progressing at a Phenomenal Pace The digital landscape comprises of a mix of different channels such as social networks, websites, email; mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets; videos, widgets, kiosks, and gaming consoles. These mediums help marketers to build relationships with consumers, publicize their brands, and also…

Leveraging Social Media for SEO

Stay Updated on Google Panda Google Panda continues to evolve and update itself, having gone through several refreshes since inception.  Now that users have become adjusted to the constant changes and tweaks by Google, they now realize that the Panda updates have actually proved to be a boon to companies by offering customer-centric content that…

Landing Page Optimization

Quality Traffic + Conversion = Increased ROI One of the greatest things you can do today to Improve ROI for your business is to incorporate a landing page in your website development strategy. So what exactly is a landing page and how do you incorporate into into your marketing strategy?  Simply put, a landing page…

Google Panda-Proof Link-Building

What is Google Panda and How does it Affect your Online Business Google Panda is a significant change in Google’s search algorithm which focuses on weeding out websites with low-quality content. Google states that  this change in algorithm update was designed in order to ensure  “To reduce rankings for low-quality sites – sites which are…

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